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Corporate Team Building Through Horses

Equine Guided Team-Building

Cherry Wood offers customized equine-guided programs for individuals and teams seeking to become more successful, effective and authentic leaders.

What can horses teach us about teamwork? Although horses are large and impressive, they can be somewhat intimidating to people. But in the wild they are prey and to survive, horses must depend on the safety of the herd. Horse herds are hierarchical in nature and evolve based on each horse’s current leadership capabilities. Since official titles mean nothing to a horse, the human has to prove they are a capable leader in order to earn a horse’s trust and respect; only then will a horse become a willing partner.

Our Equine Guided Team-Building programs utilize the nature of the horse to encourage personal growth and group unity. Learning experiences are tailored to fit the needs of each group. Programs can be customized to range from a short one-hour program to a dedicated, multiple-day event.

No previous horsemanship skills are necessary. Interaction with horses in this program does not involve riding. Because every program is custom tailored, costs vary. Please contact us to discuss your unique needs, so we can provide you with a proposal.

Some of the topics Cherry Wood’s Equine Guided Programs explore:


Tiffany Fewel grew up on the family farm surrounded by animals and in the frequent company of legendary horseman, Ray Hunt, the original proponent of what has become known as natural horsemanship. Ray’s emphasis on feel and working with the nature of the horse formed Tiffany’s understanding of horses long before the approach became popular. This coupled with a background in education and her Feldenkrais training led her to develop Natural Connections techniques that enhance learning, performance and health, while building a trusting bond between horse and human.

Tiffany holds a Bachelor of Science degree in health education, is a certified teacher in Washington State and a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner.

Pepper Fewel was ranch-raised in the orchard and wine country of eastern Washington. She’s been a wife, a mother, a farmer, a rancher, an artist, and always a horsewoman. An early student of natural horsemanship, Pepper has rescued and rehabilitated hundreds of horses. But if you ask her she’ll tell you these second-chance horses have given her even more than she’s given them. They have so enriched her life she feels compelled to share what horses have taught her and what they can in turn teach others.

Pepper and Tiffany's work with horses has been the subject of dozens of magazine features and television reports. They have received numerous awards, including the University of Washington’s Women of Courage Award for acting as role models to all generations by bringing about change and making a difference in the world.

I loved this retreat! I am not a camper; yet I love the outdoors and connecting to nature. This is a perfect place to do it. I am open to new ideas so the Feldenkrais activity was very interesting to me. I had never heard of it before this retreat. I felt so connected to nature doing this exercise that I could almost feel removed from the rest of the world for a short time. I highly recommend it. Thank you Tiffany for introducing the Feldenkrais to me!
- Debbie McDowell, Manager at Baker Boyer

This retreat did just what we wanted it to! Managers were able to have fun, relax, and learn something new about themselves and their leadership style; all while learning techniques to clear clutter from their head through Feldenkrais. Tiffany gave us suggestions for techniques that we can use anywhere; even at the office! Weather and atmosphere were simply amazing; it was a beautiful experience for us all … Thank you!
- Terri Lyford, Community Branch Banking Manager at Baker Boyer