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Our Horse Rescue Program

Cherry Wood Horses

Pepper and Tiffany have been saving horses from slaughter for nearly 12 years now

They take what others have thrown away –
the elderly, the abused, the injured and the malnourished

From the time a horse arrives at Cherry Wood its rehabilitation is under the direction of Tiffany Fewel and Natural Connections. This is often a long, and almost always an expensive process involving not only Tiffany’s expertise but that of farriers and veterinarians, along with special feeds and supplements. Once restored to mental and physical health, Tiffany evaluates each horse for use on the wine trail. Only those suited to the job, those who truly enjoy taking people for rides, will be admitted into the Cherry Wood string. But rest assured, all others remain at Cherry Wood until a loving, caring and permanent home is found.

Tiffany working on a rescue horse

"There’s so much more purpose in this than just going for a wine ride,” says Pepper. “It’s life changing for many people, but I don’t feel it’s anything we’ve done. The horses do it and do it despite how people have treated them in the past. Most were throwaways we found at feed lots, where they were waiting to be shipped to slaughter in Canada or Mexico. They’ve been abused, neglected or simply discarded for something better, but there’s still a life there. We give them a new home and a new purpose and they give us so much more."

Cherry Wood’s horse rehabilitation and re-homing program is supported solely by wine rides, so every ride you take is helping save horses.

If you are looking to purchase a horse, please consider a rescue. We can work with you to find and rehabilitate just the right partner for you. Contact Pepper or Tiffany to talk about how they can help you help a deserving horse.

“I was ranch-raised, my Dad was a cowboy. I have chosen to be a part of the orchard business but I have also carved out my own way inside the business. I have always been a horsewoman. Horses are a passion for me; I used to check apples on horseback. I wanted to create a place where I could rescue and rehabilitate horses. That is how Cherry Wood Bed Breakfast and Barn came about. Every wine ride or guest helps rescue a horse.

I have rescued and rehabilitated hundreds of horses. Most were found at feed lots. They were waiting to be shipped to slaughter in Canada or Mexico. Some were abused or simply discarded for a better horse. Most of them, this is their last journey, we give them a new home and a new purpose and they give us so much more.

Cherry Wood offers wine rides, stay in a tee-pee, enjoy breakfast and an outdoor bath. We reserve for clinics, retreats and all types of gatherings. It’s a life changing experience for some. I know it’s not me; it’s the horses that change people’s lives. After a ride and I see a person just “beaming” that makes my day! I will never get over that.

These second-chance horses have given me even more than I have given them. These horses don’t care what color you are, what you look like, what clothes you wear. They judge you only by how you treat them. What an important lesson we could learn from them.”

- Pepper Fewel quoted in agri.CULTURE

Liz with Dulce, and Tiffany

"Seriously good work Pepper and Tiffany. I love my rescue, my sweet horse Dulce."
– Liz, who adopted Dulce from Cherry Wood in 2013

Here’s another Cherry Wood rescue story...

Brownie had suffered the worst abuse Pepper and Tiffany have ever seen – and they have seen a lot of abuse. This big beautiful animal had been so badly beaten his eyes were still swollen shut when Pepper began trying to rebuild the traumatized horse’s faith in people.

It took over a year to gain his trust and prepare him for a new life. By this time Pepper and Brownie were pretty attached, but when the right home came along, Pepper knew she had to let go. It’s hardest and most rewarding part of what she and Tiffany do when they save and rehabilitate an unwanted horse.

So you can imagine how it filled their hearts to receive this note from the ranching family that adopted Brownie:

“We have been riding Brownie a lot and took him to his first branding this spring. He did great! You can tell that he likes to work cattle and feels at home here on the ranch. He is even starting to get over his fear of people touching and moving his ears. We have rigged a special bosal so we don’t have to mess with his ears, but I think with more time he’ll get over his fear completely. He is a wonderful horse and my husband and him get along beautifully together. We are so glad that you saved him and that we were in the right place at the right time to find out about him.”


See KIMA TV's video about Pepper & Tiffany Saving These Horses

Cherry Wood is proud to provide so many deserving horses with a contented home
and would like to introduce you to a few of our favorites



Gus Stetson

Tumbleweed Buckshot Banker

Pendleton Wild Bill Levi


CWBBB Horse Corral

CWBBB Horse Shoeing Day
Milt and Andy shoeing our ponies

CWBBB Horses

CWBBB Tack Room
Tack Room

Its easy to tell who's out on a ride:
just look in the tack room to see which bridles are missing