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About Our Horses

Our horses are special

Many have come to us from desperate or abusive situations. Some have been found in feedlots, the last stop before slaughter. Others have simply been discarded for a younger model. A few have come from loving homes that could no longer care for them, and one or two are here because their owners just knew they would be happier at Cherry Wood. Whatever the reason, whatever their past, happy or sad, they are all living the good life now. The life they deserve.

Cherry Wood Horses

Regardless of how a horse comes to us, from the time they arrive at Cherry Wood their rehabilitation is under the direction of Tiffany Fewel and Natural Connections. Once a horse has been restored to mental and physical health, Tiffany evaluates them for use on the wine trail. Only those suited to the job – only those who truly enjoy taking people for rides – will be admitted into the Cherry Wood string. But rest assured, the others will remain at Cherry Wood until a loving, caring and permanent home comes along.

Our horse rehabilitation and re-homing program is supported solely by our wine rides and Bunkhouse Boutique sales. So every ride you take, and every purchase you make, is helping save horses.

If you are looking to purchase a horse, please consider a rescue.
We can work with you to find and rehabilitate just the right partner for you.
Contact Pepper or Tiffany to talk about how we can help you help a deserving horse.

Cherry Wood is proud to provide so many deserving horses with a contented home
and would like to introduce you to a few of our favorites

Tequila Cowboy Corona

Nevada Winchester Booker

Gus Stetson Coppenhagen

Tumbleweed Buckshot Banker

Pendleton Wild Bill Levi

Latigo Cupie Doll Fancy

CWBBB Horse Corral

CWBBB Horses

CWBBB Ponies

CWBBB Horse Shoeing Day
Milt and Andy shoeing our ponies

Horses at hitching post


Horses having dinner


Smokey Joe
Smokey Joe on Western Horseman Calendar

Click here to see the video about these ponies:
"Farm owner saves dozens of horses"

Take a peek at our brand spankin' new Tack Room

CWBBB Tack Room

In the past few years we rehabilitated so many horses and helped them become
happy, healthy members of our wine trail herd, we outgrew our old tack room.

Our new tack room is so roomy it has a personalized space for every horse’s own saddle and bridle.

It's easy to tell who's out on a ride: just look in the tack room to see which bridles are missing.

And our old tack room has been completely renovated and became the Bunkhouse Boutique,
featuring Tiffany’s jewelry creations, designer cowboy hats and other Western trappings.

Saddle up!
Let's go riding!