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Breakfast Cuisine

There’s always something yummy happening in Pepper’s kitchen

Pepper making breakfast

In addition to all things wine and equine, Pepper has a passion for breakfast fare

"I've been able to combine all the things I love," says Pepper. "Good horses, fine wines, great food, interesting people. What can be more fun than that?"

Your menu will reflect the season. Expect fresh Yakima Valley asparagus, strawberries or Walla Walla sweets in the spring. Zillah area cherries and Hermiston watermelons in the summer. And in the fall you can always count on Cherry Wood's own apples and pears.

Dietary restrictions and food allergies:
We do our best to accommodate guests with medical and other serious dietary issues, but please let us know your needs at time of booking so we can be prepared.

CWBBB eggs

Breakfast outdoors

CWBBB Patio Breakfast CWBBB Breakfast on the patio

And for special occasions, Pepper has been known to make other treats: