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Frequently Asked Questions

(actual questions we've been asked)

Q: Do you have weather there?

A: Yes we sure do! We've had weather here for as far back as we can remember.

Here's how a local Chamber of Commerce describes the area and it's weather:

"The Yakima Valley is considered a Dry Semi-Arid climate, being mild and dry, having the characteristics of both maritime and continental climates modified by the Cascade and Rocky Mountains. The Yakima Valley lies within the rain shadow of the Cascades, so the total amount of precipitation is relatively small. The summers are dry and hot, and winters are cool with light snowfall. The maritime influence is strongest in the winter when the prevailing westerlies are stronger and steadier. The modifying influence of the Pacific Ocean is less evident in summer. Summer afternoons are hot yet due to the dry air there is a rapid fall in temperatures after sunset."

Sounds overly complicated to us, so we just tell folks we have about 300 days of sunshine a year with 7-10 inches of rain and 14-25 inches of snow. Summer temperatures range from 60Fº to 90Fº and winter temperatures 25Fº to 60Fº. We think that's about perfect!

When you're ready to come visit, check out this custom link so you'll be prepared for your stay:
National Weather Service 7-Day Forecast for Cherry Wood Bed Breakfast and Barn

Q: When I go on a Wine Ride, who will take care of my children?

A: It's entirely up to you, but we'd suggest family or friends you trust. This is a real working farm with animals and agriculture activities, so we are not able to accommodate children. As much as we love kids, you'll have to find responsible care for them elsewhere.

Q: How do I get to Cherry Wood?

A: Many folks drive here. Some have bicycled, a few have horse backed and we've even had a couple of hikers walk in. On the other hand, if you're asking for directions on how to find us, go to our map page, or just call and we'll guide you in.

Q: What should I bring with me?

A: You can leave the kitchen sink at home, but there are a few other things you might want to bring if you're going on a horse ride or hiking to nearby wineries: hat, boots, sunglasses, sunscreen and maybe a chapstick. Plan as you would for any outdoor adventure.

Q: Do you wear clothes at Cherry Wood?

A: Yes, we pretty much insist on it. The type of clothes depends on the time of year and what you're doing. Just use common sense.

Q: I saw on a map that you're in an area called Rattlesnake Hills. Do you have rattlesnakes on the farm???!!!

A: Nope, we don't keep any rattlesnakes -- just horses, dogs and chickens. In the whole time we've lived here we've never seen a rattlesnake or any other type of snake. Best we can figure it, when the original pioneers discovered this beautiful area they thought the name would scare off other folks and allow them to keep the place all to themselves. We've never seen lions, tigers, bears or cougars either. We do have a few coyotes roaming through now and then, but they've never been a problem for us (although if I was a kitty-cat I might worry a bit about sneaking around after dark). And we do have lots of birds always passing through. In fact, we have a number of bird houses on the farm to entice them to stay.

Q: Do the coyotes howl at night?

A: If you're lucky they will. Occasionally you may get to hear their songs and we all love when that happens. And because this is an agricultural area you may hear other sounds as well, like farm equipment running in the morning or large fans at night protecting the buds from spring frost. Or later in the year when the fruit is almost ripe you might hear the sounds of propane-powered poppers during the day as they scare the "bad" birds from the crops. And if you're staying in one of our teepees on a windy night you might also hear the canvas flapping... These are the sounds you'll always remember from your adventure at Cherry Wood.

Q: Can I bring my horse and dog?

A: Yes, we love animals here at Cherry Wood, as long as they're well behaved. Horse pens & dog accommodations are possible by arrangement. Although you can ride your horse independently, we're sorry to say that we can't allow doggies to go along. They'll have to wait for you back at the ranch, but don't worry, they won't be lonely because we have lots of dog-friends for them to stay with. We want everyone to have a good time!

Q: What if I'm allergic to horses, dogs, flowers, fresh air, trees and teepees?

A: Oh dear... then you should definitely try the White House of Yakima for a more traditional B&B experience!

White House in Yakima

Q: Oh, one last thing, how can I brush up on my wine knowledge?

A: You may already know more than you think, take our Wine Challenge and see!