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Cowboy Limo Winery Tours

We’re all hitched up for hay wagon tours…

Cherrywood hay wagon winery tours

Climb aboard our Cowboy Limo for an old fashioned good time. Unwind and enjoy an open-air tour of the vineyards with tasting stops at selected wineries, a picnic lunch and loads of country fun along the way.

Our hay wagon tours are just a blast and allow us to take in more wineries than we can on horseback. Plus you don’t have to do anything but kick back, bask in the beauty and leave the driving to us.

Cowboy Limo run Thursdays and Sundays, and at other times by special arrangement. Cost includes cheese and fruit samplings during the ride and a delicious picnic lunch at one of the wineries.

$150 per person (plus tax)* for a tour of up to 4 wineries
Two people minimum

Special Group Rates, call for pricing
Thursdays through Sundays only
Ride begins at 11am

Reservations and $100 per person Non-Refundable Booking Fee required
(will be applied to total)

Call (509) 829-3500 or email us to confirm dates and receive reservation number

Reservation Number

*Winery tour cost does not include lodging or tasting fees

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