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Cherry Wood Photo Album

Horses at hitching post

Click HERE to see a lovely slide show
made by Katie Thompson about her stay at CWBBB

Icelander Ponies

Horses having dinner

CWBBB Ponies

Cowgirl Getaway Pushing Cows

Tiffany helping folks at a retreat

Tiffany working cows at Cherry Wood

Smokey Joe
Smokey Joe on Western Horseman Calendar

Cowgirl Adventure

Winery Riding

Pepper getting ready to ride

Pistol the ponies at a wine stop

Horses at winery

Joe Wolter Clinic at Cherry Wood 2013

Joe at Cherry Wood Sept 2012

Joe Wolter Clinic at Cherry Wood 2013

CWBBB Joe Wolter Clinic 2013

Joe Wolter Clinic at Cherry Wood 2013

Pepper at Joe Wolter cinic

Joe Wolter leading riders at Cherry Wood

Cowgirl Getaway Oct 2011

Cowgirl Getaway going over the bridge

CW Cowgirl Getaway

Joe Wolter Clinic moving cows

Ryan with pony Pepper under a hat

Joe Wolter leading a clinic at Cherry Wood

Terry and Pepper

Cowgirl at restCowgirl Getaway at night

Watching Horsemanship ClinicPatti Hudson's Clinic

Riding in orchards

Horse Exhibition pix aCowboy Shooting Exhibition

Cowgirl getaway moving cows


Joe Wolter Clinic at  Cherry WoodJoe Wolter Horse Training

Cowgirl Getaway Lunch

Horse Exhibition pix bRoping Exhibition

Tasting StopCWBBB Sept Wedding

A group of French journalists learn to throw a loop
and that France isn't the only place where they know how to make fine wine.

French Jouralists Learning to Rope French Journalist Roper

French Journalists at Cherry Wood