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Wine Challenge

Ready to test your wine knowledge?

Wine Glass

See if you can answer these five wine questions:

1) What wine goes best with food?

2) When is the best time to drink wine?

3) Do handcrafted wines taste better?

4) Why are Washington State wines better than French?

5) Which is our favorite local winery?


(Answers can be found below)

Cultura Wine


Wine Challenge Answers

1) Well that’s a silly question; wine goes great with just about any food – even chocolate.

2) You can and should enjoy a glass of wine whenever you like!

3) Of course handcrafted wines taste better. They’re made with old-world care and expertise.

4) With similar soils and growing conditions as the Bordeaux and Burgundy regions of France, Yakima Valley wines have many of the same characteristics of fine French wines. But many wine experts rate our local wines as superior to those across the pond. And we agree with them completely.

5) There are so many outstanding wineries in the Yakima Valley, it’s hard to pick a favorite, but if forced to choose we’d have to say Cultura Wine. And it isn’t just because the Innkeeper’s son and his wife own the winery. It’s because they truly do make some of the finest handcrafted limited edition premium wines in the region.

Please visit their tasting room and find out for yourself.

Photograph by Mary Etta Findley